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small talk on security

small talk on security

Chapter 1:TOMOYO Linux meets PacSec

Author:Toshiharu Harada

December 12, 2007(Wed.)

Presentation of TOMOYO Linux

When TOMOYO Linux project has a presentation, we first decide the concept. Everything else will follow after the concept. Material will be prepared from scratch.

This time's concept was "You can use TOMOYO Linux to understand the system's behavior and can manage TOMOYO Linux easily". It was determined just nine days before the conference. As PacSec is an international conference, materials are required for Japanese and English. I decided to make English one first because translating English material to Japanese is rather easy than the opposite case.

In the conference room, four screens have been set up. Two screens were for Japanese and the rest two for English. Simultaneous translation service was provided, so both speakers and audience can choose from English or Japanese. So, it's a complete bilingual conference.

By the morning of the conference, I managed to make a handout in PDF format that is written in English and Japanese, and an English version of presentation in PowerPoint format. However, it turned out that the speaker projects both materials simultaneously. So I realized I need to prepare Japanese version of presentation and did it in the conference room.

There was a choice in presentation speech language. I thought it would be weird if I talk in English and a translator makes it Japanese. So I decided to talk in Japanese.

During my presentation I wore the receiver for translator service. I continued talking waiting for the past phrase was successfully translated. Translation service was done by Japanese two ladies. I have to mention they did the great work. Translation was smooth and quite precise despite of many technical terms.

fig2:Conference Room
fig2:Conference Room
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TOMOYO Linux's handout and the presentation materials are available in these URLs. Other presentation's materials will be available soon in the conference homepage.

In my presentation, "TOMOYO Linux: A Practical Method to Understand and Protect Your Own Linux Box", I focused on the unique advantage of TOMOYO Linux that TOMOYO Linux can be used for analyzing the system's behavior.

That was represented by the word, "Understand". The reason I made title as "Understand and Protect" was that one needs to understand his/her Linux Box to protect it. "Understanding" is a crucial part and can be difficult with other secure Linux systems.

In the phrase of "Your Own Linux Box" was carefully chosen to convey the message, "it is you that knows your Linux box best, and it is you that can protect your Linux box best".

In my presentation, I proved that "understanding and protecting" are possible by using TOMOYO Linux via demonstration and explanation.

I make it my habit to include demonstration in my presentations. This time, I prepared two short movie files and embedded them into the presentation slides. The movies can be played in PDF version, too.

After finishing my presentation, I felt that I could express and delivered "something" to the audience. That was the moment I thanked I was able to be there.

In the question time, someone asked me, "Does your company make use of TOMOYO Linux?"

I answered, "Yes, but not many. I did a presentation at some Japanese conference". Then he continued asking, "Is that your company's policy?" You will feel funny if there is a policy not to use the company's own product. So I giggled nervously at the question.

I said to him, "There's no such policy in my company. But my company's main business target is county wide on-line systems such as banking and credit cards. So we just started to work with Linux and open source very recently". Next

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Chapter 1:TOMOYO Linux meets PacSec
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Presentation of TOMOYO Linux
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