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small talk on security

small talk on security

Chapter 1:TOMOYO Linux meets PacSec

Author:Toshiharu Harada

December 12, 2007(Wed.)

新連載「small talk on security」はシンクイットが送り出す、初の英語コンテンツです。IT技術者が新しい技術を習得するには英語のスキルが欠かせません。TOMOYO Linuxの連載でおなじみの原田さんがお届けするホットなトピックスを通じて、英語にチャレンジしてください!

About PacSec

On November 29, I had a presentation titled "TOMOYO Linux: A Practical Method to Understand and Protect Your Own Linux Box" at the PacSec2007, held in Aoyama, Tokyo. It was my very first participation at PacSec. The conference was truly wonderful one.

The main theme of PacSec is security. "Pac" stands for Pacific, "Sec" stands for Security, of course. There are coupled events called CanSecWec (Canadian) and EUSecWest (European). PacSec2007 was the 5th PacSec conference. PacSec had been held three times in Japan.

PacSec consists of two parts. One is "Dojo" and the other is "Conference". In this article, I'd like to introduce the conference part. There were as many as thirteen presentations including three by Japanese speakers.

fig1: PacSec 2007 Staff
fig1: PacSec 2007 Staff

TOMOYO Linux at PacSec2007

PacSec2007 was held at Aoyama Diamond Hall. It is same hall that I had a presentation titled "The Way of the TOMOYO Linux" on 11, November, 2005, the memorial day of the first release as open source.

There were about one hundred attendees. Most of them are from overseas, as it is an international conference. I had talks on two major international conferences in this year, "Embedded Linux Conference" and "Ottawa Linux Symposium". The atmosphere of PacSec was not like neither of them.

My straight forward impression of PacSec will be "at home and comfortable". I wonder what made me feel so. I guess it is because most of the attendees are known each other.

Dragos, the man of the conference, and other staff were enjoying conversations with attendees. Thus, PacSec is very "at home" conference while the conference itself is highly technical.

So I could take my part of TOMOYO Linux presentation in the entire relaxed mood. Next

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Project Manager of TOMOYO Linux project.


Chapter 1:TOMOYO Linux meets PacSec
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small talk on securiy
Chapter 1 TOMOYO Linux meets PacSec
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