SVN on the team project development

Jurgen Langner

How to manage SVN environment

 Once the connection to the repository is established you can then create an SVN Project and checkout your own files from the repository to make your own working copy. Then you can begin to work in your own environment and as code segments are completed you can commit them to the repository.

 We will take a look at how to do this a little later, but first lets see how the over all SVN environment can be managed with the help of the Zend Studio for Eclipse preferences.

 If you click on Window then Preferences in the menu system you will be taken to the interface where you can control all the settings of Zend Studio for Eclipse. Specifically in this case, there is a tree segment called Team and under that option is one called SVN.

 Here you can control many aspects of how Zend Studio for Eclipse will interact with the SVN environment. This is shown in figure 1.

Comment Templates

 There are a lot of options here to look at but we want to focus on just one of them here in this paper.

 The item of note here is that of the Comment Templates. This feature allows the developers to establish and use a pre-defined block of text that can be used each time code is committed to the repository. This makes for standard and uniform comments that everyone on the development team can read and understand.

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