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Jurgen Langner


 Refactoring is another great way to synchronize code throughout a development process. Refactoring is a great tool in Zend Studio for Eclipse and is really a glorious search and replace tool that can be used within a single file or throughout an entire project.

 For example, if one version of code has a function called row_color that is globally called row_shade, you can use the refactor tool to accomplish this. Figure 2 shows the offered results of the refactoring process.

Code Formatting

 Code Formatting of Zend Studio for Eclipse is also quite helpful for team development needs.

 This can assist with the visual layout (appearance) of your code by inserting appropriate tabs and spacing into the code to augment readability.

 The layout is defined in the preferences in a section called Formatter under the PHP tree.

 If you want to use the default format layout then you don’t have to make any changes in the preferences area as the standard suggested format is generally sufficient.

 If you do alter the default formats then be sure to share them with the entire development team.

Zend Technologies
Jurgen Langner is Global Marketing Director at Zend Technologies. In this position he is responsible for Zend’s worldwide Field Marketing Operations. Jurgen primarily focuses on the extension of New Business\\, the positioning of Zend\\, support of the PHP eco system and management of Zend’s large customer base.Jurgen joined Zend as Marketing Director in December 2005 and built up the marketing activities for the national market. Since January 2007 he was additionally responsible for the market communication in Europe\\, Middle East and Africa.

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